Deap Vally release rip-roaring single Smile More

Garage blues duo Deap Vally have released the amped-up and unruly single Smile More, ahead of the release of their album Femejism which drops September 16th. The record is a feminist ‘fuck you’ anthem from Los Angeles duo Lindsey Troy (guitar and vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals).

Smile More crashes in with a chaotic downpour of thunderous guitar and pounding drums before settling into a sultry, gloomy prowl. Front woman/guitarist Lindsey Troy snarls sluggishly above the feline and bluesy twang: ‘Everyone’s trying to tell me what to do, stranger in a bar tells me to smile more. I look at him and I ask ‘what for?’ ’.

The track was produced by Nick Zinner, quirky guitarist from New York indie rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Under Zinner’s influence, Smile More perpetuates tumultuousness gleaned from Yeahs tracks, such as Date With The Night and Sacrilege.

Troy’s gravelly vox oozes an air of superior knowing; the dusky lull comes before the kick ass crescendo of the chorus:

I don’t wanna be a reflection. I’m so bored with this rejection, I don’t wanna be a reflection. I don’t need your direction.’ It’s 4.31 minutes of Troy and Edward tearing down patriarchy with defiant riffs and smashing beats.

Smile More will resonate with any girl who’s been told – by a complete stranger – to ‘smile’. Perhaps the arrival of Femejism will entice more girls to shout back definitely in the style of this ferocious female twosome.

Listen to Smile More:



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